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The IS-100D is a high tech digital flowmeter best for those who prefer a digital display. The IS-100D can be made portable on a mobile cart, or it can also be a stationary unit at your desired location. With its compact size the IS-100D can be easily integrated in any office. Equipped with battery backup and a brightly lit display, the IS-100D also provides audible and visual alarms. By design the IS-100D maintains nitrous levels at a safe percentage with a minimum oxygen level of 30%

Designed and assembled in Canada


    • Maximum total flow :≥17L/min

    • Precise flow: 0.5L/min

    • N2O: 0-70%; O2: 30%-100%

    • Input pressure: 50PSI±10%

    • Input link: standard 5/8' DISS

    • Patient output link: 15/22mm

    • Double mask scavenger: optional

    • Bag Tee: Emergency air valve

    • Safe Valve: automatic on/off N2O

    • Compensation proportion: Adjustable in 0-17L/

      min when the mixed density is stable

    • O2 quick supplement (O2 Flush): not less than



    • Digital Display

    • Multi-Language Menu

    • Minimum 30% O2

    • Low Flow Alarm 

    • Child / Adult Default Settings

    • Battery Backup 

    • Portable 

    • Wall Or Trolley Mount

  • 1. Mixed Gas Supply Hose


    2. Hose Fittings And Connectors 


    3. Silicone Airway Supply Tubing


    4. Silicone Airway Scavenging Unit 


    5. Supply Gas Hoses 


    6.Three Liter Breathing Bag 


    7. Rolling Trolley or Wall Mount Option 


    8. Silicone Masks, Available In Three Different Sizes 


    9. Oxygen Demand Valve Resuscitator 


    10. Optional Hepa Filter 

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