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Jheeta medical Corporation opened its doors in 1998 in Toronto Canada as a medical repair company. Today the company has expanded its services to include a full service approach to meet the needs of its clients including, equipment sales, certification, calibration, consultation and training.  In addition the company provides exclusive specialized supports to innovative new technologies focusing on prostate cancer treatment and assistive devices for individuals with disabilities.  Jheeta Medical is proud to have earned a reputation amongst medical professionals as a company that is committed to innovation, excellence and above all customer service.  The company is currently partnering with an array of international research and manufacturing companies to bring the most innovative medical equipment to our clients.


Jheeta Medical's clients include Canadian cosmetic surgery, dentistry and veterinary clinics, research facilities and hospitals.  In 2011 Jheeta medical expanded its client base to India, and Saudi Arabia.


At Jheeta Medical we aim to provide excellence in customer service. From the initial conception of their clinical set-up to ongoing support and maintenance of their practice, our staff  works closely with each client. All of our staff are qualified Biomedical Engineers, Technicians and Therapists who have managed and supported biomedical departments in Canada. These professionals have a wealth of industry knowledge.  Our aim is to build a long term relationship with our clients supporting their medical equipment needs as their business grows.

About us.

Dental Equipment Sterilizer

Committed to quality and excellence Jheeta Medical has offered superior and advanced products since 1998. Providing solutions that are both innovative and effective we at Jheeta Medical strive to enhance the medical industry through our products. We provide you with the access you need to medical products at a cost effective price that never sacrifices their incomparable quality. We strive to provide you with the best in order to create positive clinical outcomes resulting in increased quality of patient care.  Jheeta Medical relies on their team, a team that is constantly in pursuit of providing excellence. Our reliable and knowledgeable team will always be available to provide education on our products. We at Jheeta Medical are as reliable as our products are; we will always be here giving you the best that can be offered. 





Jheeta Medical provides regulatory medical equipment inspections as well as certification services. This ensures that all clinical equipment used in any medical setting is compliant to safety regulations and is safe for use by both patients and staff. The inspection and certification service are required for both new and used equipment. The service includes; on site electrical safety measurement, testing for proper function of equipment and labelling indicating that the equipment is safe for use. After completion of the on-site inspection written documentation is provided for each facility that will be reviewed during the next visit by the inspection agency to assure compliance.  

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