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This vertical analog flowmeter, IS-100A, can be used as a portable unit or mounted to a specific location. With a design that provides effortless handling and accuracy, the IS-100A also offers an incredibly long and reliable service life. The flowmeter allows the practitioner to precisely control the gas mixture and flow that is administered to the patient. Flow readings are easily monitored through robust glass indicator tubes and dosing of nitrous oxide is regulated through the use of rotary knobs.Designed and assembled in Canada


    • Maximum total flow :≥17L/min

    • Precise flow: 0.5L/min

    • N2O: 0-70%; O2: 30%-100%

    • Input pressure: 50PSI±10%

    • Input link: standard 5/8' DISS

    • Patient output link: 15/22mm

    • Double mask scavenger: optional

    • Bag Tee: Emergency air valve

    • Safe Valve: automatic on/off N2O

    • Compensation proportion: Adjustable in 0-17L/min when the mixed density is stable

    • O2 quick supplement: not less than 17L/min

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