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Mindray A-Series Anesthesia Delivery Systems help you manage complex challenges with an intuitive, easy to use, safe and reliable approach to anesthesia delivery.

The new A7 Anesthesia Workstation takes the popular A-Series to a higher level. The feature-rich A7 combines traditional bellows driven ventilation with electronic fresh gas technology providing effective care across a wide range of patients.

A7 Anesthesia Workstation

    • Electronic gas flow with customizable settings and direct flow or total flow options
    • Quick keys for changing O2 flow
    • Low flow optimzer provides visual indication of efficient fresh gas flow setting, supporting the patient, while reducing cost and waste gas
    • Agent usage calculation feature displays amount of agent used with each case
    • Automatic system compliance and fresh gas compensation
    • 15" color LCD touchscreen with control pad
    • HL7 connectivity for AIMS and EMR data export
  • Performance

    • Advanced ventilation modes, including SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, and PS, come standard
    • Volume Guarantee in Pressure Control mode
    • Visible indication of patient initiated breath in support ventilation modes
    • Integrated gas analysis of all fresh gases and agent, with CO2 measurement
    • Sample gas returned to breathing system
    • Age-related MAC calculation
    • Enhanced Spirometry with loops and waveforms on same screen
    • Warmed breathing system minimizes internal condensation
    • Cardiac bypass mode reduces alarm fatigue
    • ACGO (Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet) for use with non-rebreathing circuits


    • Quick release APL valve instantly lowers airway pressure
    • Auxiliary O2/Air mixer regulates combustible O2 percentage
    • High pressure O2 port for jet ventilation
    • Patented back-up O2 and Air delivery with agent in case of power loss or electronic failure
    • AGSS low flow anesthetic gas scavenging
    • Robust casters with cable sweeps
    • Central locking brake with indicator
    • 90 minute battery backup
    • O2/Air/N2O back-up gas cylinders
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