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The Gas Module 3™ incorporates improved Artema technology that enables respiratory gas analysis, displayed on our Passport® V, V-Series, and Spectrum® monitors - already standards of comprehensive vital signs monitoring excellence worldwide. The Gas Module 3 delivers state-of-the-art gas analysis capabilities: identification and measurement of inspired and expired O2, CO2, N2O, and any one of the following five anesthetic agents - Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Halothane, and Enflurane. Providing impressive capabilities and highly reliable performance, this leading-edge breath-by-breath multi-gas analyzer was designed to meet the comprehensive anesthesia monitoring requirements of virtually every hospital - whatever its size, specialty, or patient base.

The Passport or Spectrum series monitors combined with a Gas Module 3 are ideal for mid to high acuity environments where efficiency is a must. With an auto-configurable display, one-touch operation, and comprehensive gas monitor

Gas Module 3

    • Unique, straight-forward user interface - a hallmark of the Passport® and Spectrum series - easily configurable to meet specific requirements
    • Bright, easy-to-read, user selectable real-time O2, CO2, N2O, and Agent waveform and numeric displays, status messages, and alarms greatly simplify procedural monitoring - even at a distance
    • Breath-by-breath O2, CO2, and N2O monitoring with automatic 5-agent identification. Provides for real-time display of all critical inspired and expired gases
    • Compact, light-weight design ensures convenient mounting on anesthesia delivery systems
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