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Now you can capture, track and post vital signs to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Accutorr® CS links the point-of-care directly to the Nurse's terminal thus improving workflow and reporting accuracy. Now you can create a new standard of care with the reliable Accutorr series vital signs monitors and Accutorr CS’s Charting Solution.

Accutorr CS

    • Manual and automatic vital signs include:
      • Blood Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Weight
      • Pulse
      • Oxygen Saturation
      • Respiration rate
      • Pain
      • Glucose Levels
    • Designed specifically to complement the rich feature set of the Accutorr series vital signs monitors
    • Improves staff efficiency, workflow and productivity
    • Barcode readers enable positive patient identification
    • All data is time-and-date stamped and may be immediately accessed at the nurse's station or at bedside
    • Eliminate time lag between the time the vital signs are collected and the time they 
      are posted to the electronic medical record
    • Utilizes existing wired or wireless hospital network infrastructure
    • Windows-based interface for direct-download of data into the Hospital Information System for inclusion into a patient’s Electronic Medical Record
    • Able to interface with most hospital or clinical information systems (HIS/CIS)

    The Accutorr CS Charting Solution is an end-to-end monitoring system that uses industry standard networking technologies, wireless or wired, to link the Accutorr V with a clinical information system.

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